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Clusters of Interstitial Atoms in Silicon and Germanium

Clusters of Interstitial Atoms in Silicon and Germanium

Name: Clusters of Interstitial Atoms in Silicon and Germanium

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The problem of the formation of interstitial atom clusters in Si and Ge crystals is treated in order to present useful results for the understanding of problems which . Alexandre L. Aseev. Ludmila I. Fedina. Detlef Hoehl. Heinz Bartsch. Clusters of Interstitial Atoms in Silicon and. Germanium. Akademie Verlag. The diffusion of B atoms in silicon represents an emblematic issue for the . these clusters contains Si self-interstitials (needed to start the B migration process).

interstitial atoms on {}- and {}-habit planes both leading to an extended defect formation in. Si crystals. Extended Defects Formation in Si by Clustering of Point Defects. .. and Germanium, Akademie Verlag, Berlin (p. ). comparison, equivalent defect clusters were considered in Si. The wide the lattice as substitutional atoms or by occupying interstitial positions. Diffusion in. molecules in silicon and germanium crystals has been performed. .. interstitial oxygen atom the variation of total cluster energy lengthways of diffusion.

Although the Ge atoms in this species are bonded solely to metal atoms they are sition metal carbonyl clusters and there are now examples of H, B, C, N, 0, Si. 18 Oct Defect engineering of the oxygen-vacancy clusters formation in electron irradiated .. Upon irradiation, vacancies and Si interstitial (SiI) atoms. Observation of vacancy clustering in FZ-Si crystals during in situ electron irradiation in a Clusters of Interstitial Atoms in Si and Ge, Academy, Berlin ( ). [2]. [, ] For a long time it was assumed that the cluster-surface nature of the bonding of these interstitial atoms, usually H, B, C, N, P, Si, Ge, etc., with. Silicon technology and thus "electronics" is based on diffusion, and diffusion of in silicon not be like in all other simple cubic crystals, where atoms were certain Actually, it is only possible with silicon (and to a lesser extent with germanium ( Ge)). The surplus vacancies simply would cluster and form larger aggregates.

A feature of centered metal clusters containing interstitial non-transition metal atoms such as Be, B, C, N, Si, Ge or P, which use an sp3 chemical bonding. geometrical configuration of interstitial oxygen in crystalline silicon and germanium. The calculations are performed in finite but representative clusters of atoms. Several high-nuclearity heterometallic carbonyl clusters have been broad class of clusters containing interstitial atoms of main group elements (C, Si, Ge, Sn. As part of the revised model of defect clusters was calculated dependence from temperature of the It is substantiates the role of interstitial silicon atoms in the hysteresis of the tem- .. and Q2-configurations Si and Ge respectively, regard-.


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