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You need to install texinfo. sudo apt-get install texinfo. Arguments. file. character string. Name of the LaTeX source file. pdf. logical. If TRUE, a PDF file is produced instead of the default dvi file (texi2dvi command. The texi2dvi program takes care of all the steps for producing a TeX DVI file from a Texinfo document. Similarly, texi2pdf produces a PDF file. To run texi2dvi or.

12 Feb My builds stopped working sometime this week, giving the following error related to texi2dvi being missing: Error in texi2dvi(file = file, pdf. 1 Jan texi2dvi-latest – Process Texinfo or (La)TeX source to DVI. A shell script that runs each Texinfo or (La)TeX file in through TeX in turn, until all. First of all, the statement about texi2dvi and Windows is plain wrong. W32TeX ( also ships it. texi2dvi is a script from the.

Texinfo is yet another macro package which defines its own markup language, which may be processed by TeX to produce dvi (texi2dvi) or pdf (texi2pdf). 30 Dec Here is the contents of the console: compilePdf("~/projects/R-studio/") Running texi2dvi Error in toolstexi2dvi(file = fileName, pdf. texi2dvi(file, pdf = FALSE, clean = FALSE, quiet = TRUE, texi2dvi a PDF file is produced insted of the default dvi file (texi2dvi command line option --pdf). The error message you posted suggests that the path you provided for the file doesn't exist. Does Yaseen/XYZ exist? if not, create it first and try. To process (e)plain TeX files, set the environment variable LATEX=tex. In order to make texi2dvi a drop-in replacement of TeX/LaTeX in AUC-TeX, the FILE may.

Error in texi2dvi. Hello: Changes in R seem to have broken the sos vignette, and I don't know how to fix it. The build on R-forge. You will be better served asking this on R-help. Best, Jim > > It seems the function texi2dvi isn't working for me. I am using windows version of R, version The texi2dvi command automatically runs both TeX and texindex as many times as necessary to produce a DVI file with sorted indices and all cross-references. Run each Texinfo or LaTeX FILE through TeX in turn until all cross-references are resolved, building all indices. The directory containing each FILE is searched .


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